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Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone
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Posted by DVDwolf

The Idiocy Of This Quote Speaks For Itself

Oliver Stones words of wisdom about the DVD format.

"It's the end of movie-movies the way we know them,"
"It's like mail-order sex, Internet sex. It's an easier way to access the person. It's not good for us."
"If you walk into a room with 5,000 DVDs, how are going to respect movies? How do you know the good ones?"

Watching them helps, pick what you like and ignore idiotic critics like myself...but wait, Stoner boy isn't finished with his denials of technology yet.

"It's going to L.C.D., the lowest common denominator. It's making movies into supermarket-shelf items, which is probably the best you can get at Wal-Mart... It's hopeless."

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